Harleston Ladies' winning feeling

Harleston Magpies 3, Southgate 1MAGPIES started the match well and they were pleased to welcome Anna Toulson back after her nasty head injury the previous week.

Harleston Magpies 3, Southgate 1

MAGPIES started the match well and they were pleased to welcome Anna Toulson back after her nasty head injury the previous week.

They took the game to Southgate and did not allow them to settle and early pressure led to three early penalty corners, but unfortunately the execution of them made it easy for Southgate to clear the ball.

That all changed after nine minutes when a slick penalty-corner routine saw Artemis Clark score from close range.

Magpies pressed hard for the second goal and an interception by Angie Wheelhouse saw her beat the last defender but unfortunately the shot was saved by the goalkeeper.

At this point Magpies were in complete control of the game and it seemed only a matter of time before they increased their lead.

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After 25 minutes Southgate were level after a well-taken reverse stick shot from Clarissa Goodwin dragged Southgate back into the game.

This was completely against the run of play and was a severe jolt to a Magpies side that was playing well. Verity Blyth made her National League debut and played well throughout her debut game.

At the start of the second half Magpies knew they had it all to do again but they made an electric start to the second half.

A quick pass by Cherry Seaborn on the right saw the ball moved on early to Artemis Clark and her cross saw Angie Wheelhoue make it 2-1 after just one minute into the second half.

This was just the boost the home side needed and Southgate probably never recovered from this quick second-half goal. The Magpies defence looked solid all afternoon whilst the midfield were able to control most of the action.

The frustration was that Magpies could not kill the game off and it always gave Southgate a chance of snatching a point.

With five minutes to go Magpies conceded two penalty corners in a minute and this was Southgate's last chance to equalise.

In the final minute of the game Magpies won a penalty corner at the other end and Artemis Clark was on hand to force the ball over the line to make it 3-1 and give a more realistic score to reflect the match.

After the disappointment of losing the opening game away Magpies responded in the best possible way with a really strong team performance.

Next week Magpies are away to Cambridge City on Sunday at 12.30pm.