Wymondham rugby youngsters head for Tigers’ home

RUGBY: Wymondham Under-10s lit up a grey afternoon at Swaffham with a thrilling display of wholehearted and skilful team play and richly deserved to go through to the next round of the Prima Cup which will take place at Welford Road, home of Leicester Tigers.

Wymondham maintained their concentration and fitness to win through their qualifying group comprising Swaffham, Wisbech and Holt.

This they did without conceding a try to go through to the next round topping their group.

Other teams in Wymondham's qualifying group had stand out players who showed flashes of brilliance but were perhaps let down by the quality of their supporting players.

In Wymondham's case, each and every member of the squad who took to the field demonstrated proficiency in the basic skills – handling, passing, tackling and competing for the ball at the breakdown.

This, allied to fitness and a very high will to win for their team-mates and coaches, made them a formidable team to play against.

Having qualified for the semis, Wymondham came up against a team unknown to them. Coaches and players had caught glimpses of Chelmsford playing on the adjoining pitch and they looked a formidable outfit despite finishing their group as runners-up behind Bury St Edmunds.

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It was clear from the start that they represented a big challenge and, for the first time, Wymondham began to lose ground in the set scrums and rucks. Undaunted, Wymondham pulled out all the stops and managed to hold on for a very hard-earned win despite conceding a try for the first time in the tournament.

In the final, Bury St Edmunds were an unknown quantity to the Wymondham team.

Wymondham managed to register the first score and then proceeded to play the game on their terms by keeping the ball in their opponents' half and never really looking like conceding while also adding to their own score.