Artisan craft fair at Diss Corn Hall

The Diss Corn Hall is hosting a Craft and Artisans Fair on Friday, November 25, 10am-4pm.

The hall will be a thriving market place for locally handcrafted goods. There will be a wide range of stalls, including pottery, textiles, jewellery, wooden crafts, classy cupcakes, festive fayre and specialist cards and gift packaging.

Featured exhibitors will include:

Simon Lamb – Green Wood Work

Simon has been turning and carving with green wood for seven years, making a wide range of beautiful yet highly usable household objects. Green wood carving takes what would otherwise be a waste product, typically wood that would be sold as firewood or turned into woodchip, and turns it into attractive, highly functional objects.

Simon said: 'The local hardwood I use comes from a variety of sources, garden prunings, firewood logs or even larger branches from local tree surgeons, and it is the wood itself which prompts the carving.

'Green wood carving requires patience and complete contact with the wood itself. There is no need for dust extraction or face masks: it can be as simple as a knife in one hand and a piece of wood in the other.

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'This approach also means that, unlike the conventional approach which requires perfectly straight plantation timber to create whatever product is required, the wood itself informs the creative process. You start with the wood, and then decide what to do with it. That said, it is possible to create items to commission, from chairs to balustrades to kitchenware, although each item within that commission will be unique, and therefore different.'

Peter Harding – Suffolk Ceramic Stoneware

Peter has retired and is now a hobby potter who trained at Wolverhampton College of Art as a designer. He makes a wide variety of individually designed pots and teapots. Peter has been trying to find more graphic and defined glaze effects to make my bowls more exciting.

Roz Barnett – As You Like It Jewellery Design

Roz specialises in costume jewellery that is wearable and affordable. The jewellery is handcrafted using gemstones, glass and vintage beads set with Tibetan beads.

If you are a local crafts person and are interested in exhibiting in the new year, contact Roz at or on 01379 643129.