Airshow tickets snapped up as families plan to make the most of the summer

The Turbulent Team flying in the colours of the Early Learning Centre

The Turbulent Team flying in the colours of the Early Learning Centre Turbulent Team - Credit: Turbulent Team

The final tickets for this summer's Old Buckenham Airshow are being snapped up by families and aviation fans keen to join one of the best airshows in Britain this summer. 

Set for July 31-August 1, it has more aircraft than ever before with an estimated combined value of £200m taking to the air above the south Norfolk airfield.  

One of the first major Norfolk events of the summer, it's been selling faster than ever before - and with sales records broken and tickets only available in advance and not on the gate,  now's the time to book. 

A typhoon aircraft flying through the sky

The sheer power of the Typhoon will wow the Old Buckenham Airshow crowds this summer - Credit: Paul Johnson/Flightline UK

With plenty of action from cutting edge aerobatics to treasured warbirds and some seriously speedy aircraft in the air, as well as military displays, funfair, vintage cars and a rather special fleet of very unusual vehicles among the ground-based attractions, it's going to be a brilliant weekend, said show director and airfield manager Matt Wilkins. 

"We have the most famous and admired pilots on the planet; with literally dozens of champions in air racing and aerobatics. 

 "We have more aircraft than ever before, including the world premiere of our exciting electric aircraft project. It’s also, by a mile, the most expensive airshow to put on that we’ve ever done," he says. 

There are plenty of fresh faces and aircraft at the show, which has a reputation for a non-stop series of breathtaking displays. But then Old Buckenham Airshow has always been stacked with superstars, from legendary actress Honor Blackman being reunited with her actual Pussy Galore Bond film helicopter at one show to the longer-than-your-arm list of award- and competition-winning aircraft and pilots. 

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This year, in true celebration of everything that's fabulous about flight, there's even more than anyone would believe possible in the line up. 

Matt says it features 39 and a half aircraft. The 'half' is a micro version of the phenomenal aerobatic superstar Extra. The exciting display sees the full-size aircraft wingtip to wingtip with the 43pc scale model as the pair chase and swoop, turn and dive in a phenomenal show of airmanship - and model flying. 

Sally B, the only B-17 Flying Fortress in Europe

Sally B, the only B-17 Flying Fortress in Europe, is the biggest aircraft on display at the Old Buckenham Airshow - Credit: John Allan

There's Sally B, the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress star and treasure of Memphis Belle, and the only B-17 flying outside of the US. There's the Typhoon, the loudest, fastest, most gasp worthy and ground shaking aircraft most of us have ever seen. There's Old Buck favourites, the Hawker Hurricane, plus the legendary Spitfire MK!X MH434 and not just one Tiger Moth or even two, but a whole set of nine flying in formation. 

The show welcomes a Buchon Bf109, which is a Messerschmitt with a deep throat sounding Rolls Royce Merlin engine. It's not just an everyday Buchon either - if a German warbird could ever be everyday - it's the one flown for and used in the filming of the Battle of Britain movie. 

Look out too for the Fieseler Storch, a first visit by the aircraft type said to have been involved in one of the final aerial Second World War battles over Europe. It involved a rather unusual dogfight with another small aircraft, the Piper's Cub. The show brings both aircraft - and the telling of one of the stranger tales of wartime battles. 

There's the Old Buck debut of the pocket rocket Turbulent Team. The four aircraft are known as very small, very French and very entertaining. They bring a show mostly under 700 feet which typically involves flour bombing,  limbo, popping balloons and general aviation craziness. 

A Daihatsu Midget II, one of the fleet of Old Buckenham Airfield's unusual vehicles which will be displayed at the airshow

A Daihatsu Midget II, one of the fleet of Old Buckenham Airfield's unusual vehicles which will be displayed at the Old Buckenham Airshow - Credit: Old Buckenham Airshow

 On the ground the display has evolved into something just as spectacular as the in-air action. 

This year, fans of the rare, vintage, quirky and unusual will enjoy the classic car display at the heart of the airshow ground base. Explore modern classics, beautifully-restored vintage vehicles all vying for attention with the airfield’s own fleet;  treasures such as the two-door single seater mini truck the Daihatsu Midget II, and the Nissan S-Cargo, the little retro Japanese van with the cheeky snail name. Then there is a fleet of the three-wheel Honda Gyro Canopies, which, their passionate fans will explain, are the epitome of usefulness, versatility and cool. 

Families also appreciate the funfair, reasonably priced gourmet delights at the food village and the famous Attack and Destroy Bar hosting the airshow's beer festival. There's a military show here with nuclear missiles, jeeps and living history displays by some of the UK and Europe's best re-enacting groups. 

Old Buckenham Airshow, July 31-August 1. Buy tickets online now. Children under 12 are free. There will be no tickets on the gate. Book at 

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