A couple who decided to up sticks to the countryside and start a new business said it has been “beyond their wildest dreams”.

Charlotte and Luke Giddings said it was the best decision they ever made after leaving the hustle and bustle of London to make Suffolk their new home.

Mr Giddings previously worked for Fine Cheese Co. managing its restaurant and deli, and Mrs Giddings had enjoyed a busy career in the media industry working with the likes of BBC, ITV and MTV.

The move came in 2017 after the couple appeared on BBC One's Escape to the Country where they fell in love with the county's slower pace of life.

Following this, the pair - who are parents to Delores, 6 and Rudy, 3 - found their perfect home in Redgrave, near Diss, which was shortly followed by the launch of their new business.

Mrs Giddings, 40, said: “We moved just before Christmas in 2017; I was heavily pregnant, I had no job, no family or friends and we were starting completely from scratch.

“We initially took the time to enjoy our new life in the country as a family but then we decided to hatch a plan and work out what we would do next.

“And we decided on coffee, cocktails and brownies - the ultimate winning combination.”

Brownie and the Bean started in a converted horse box, making an appearance at festivals and pop-up events

In January 2020 it was granted permission for a permanent pitch outside of Bury St Edmunds train station.

But then the coronavirus pandemic hit.

“With the threat of this new virus,” said Mrs Giddings. “We were so concerned we decided it was best for us and the public if we closed.

“But we had no money coming in from anywhere so we had to think of plan B and that was doorstep brownie deliveries.”

In just a few weeks Ms Giddings was hand delivering her brownies across Norfolk and Suffolk and more than a year on, they are now being delivered to homes and supplied at stores across the UK and Northern Ireland.

She added: “It is the greatest feeling on this planet to know that we managed to succeed in our dream. We have carved this idyllic lifestyle for ourselves and we couldn’t be happier really."