Are you brave enough to help hunt the paranormal at a former RAF airbase?

RAF Tibenham fundraising event for Norfolk Gliding Club

Paranormal historian Penny Griffiths-Morgan is inviting people to join her for a night of supernatural investigations at the former RAF airfield in Tibenham, south Norfolk, for a special fundraising event - Credit: Penny Griffiths-Morgan

Paranormal investigators are offering the public the chance to join them as they explore haunting apparitions at a Norfolk airfield.

The former RAF airbase in Tibenham has been the site of a number of ghostly sightings over the years with people reporting seeing airmen wandering around late at night and hearing the sound of long-retired aircraft engines overhead.

Brave would-be ghost hunters now have the chance to see for themselves at a fundraising event held at the Norfolk Gliding Clubhouse at the site in July.

Guests will be guided through a series of experiments by paranormal historian Penny Griffiths-Morgan, who grew up in Norfolk and has close ties with the club and airfield.

Norfolk Gliding Club paranormal investigations event

Paranormal historian Penny Griffiths-Morgan will guide guests as they conduct investigations to find spirit activity at the Norfolk Gliding clubhouse - Credit: Penny Griffiths-Morgan

Ms Griffiths-Morgan, 48, said: "This is the second time ever that the Norfolk Gliding Club has been investigated after I conducted the first in January 2020.

"RAF Tibenham was used as a US air force base during World War Two by the 445th Bombardment Squadron.

"The Norfolk Gliding clubhouse was built in the 1960s on the site of the original hangars and there have been many ghostly happenings over the years.

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"People have seen airmen in uniform walking around and others have heard the distinct, roaring sound of B-24 Liberator bombers in the middle of the night despite none of them in the UK operational anymore.

"During the war, a lot of airmen flying from the base lost their lives so the site has a traumatic history."

During World War Two, 35 aircraft flew from the airbase to raid the German town of Kassel in September 1944.

Of the 39 aircraft, only four returned back to Tibenham after navigational errors led to one of the greatest military disasters of the conflict.

More than 100 US airmen lost their lives in what was the single biggest loss of life suffered by the US Airforce from a single airfield in its history.

"My previous investigation showed spirit activity," Ms Griffiths-Morgan said. "I've also encountered unusual sightings myself while staying in the clubhouse such as hearing footsteps but no one was there. 

Memorial to 445th Bombardment Group, Tibenham

A memorial to the 445th Bombardment Group, who flew from Tibenham airfield during World War Two and suffered a devastating attack during the Kassel Raids in 1944 - Credit: Penny Griffiths-Morgan

"The night will begin with a brief history talk about the airfield then we will begin exploring the paranormal surrounds in groups into the early hours of the morning. 

"We will be conducting a number of experiments during the investigation such as trigger activity from spirits, electric voice phenomenon tests and working with a spirit box."

Ms Griffiths-Morgan has been interested in the paranormal for more than 40 years and has become an in-demand expert featuring on TV shows and also speaking at events across the UK.  

Her award-winning podcast Haunted Histories has been running for six years and she has written four books on the subject.

She said: "I've been interested in the paranormal all my life. I'm really interested in bridging the gap between history and the supernatural.

Norfolk Gliding Club, Tibenham

An aerial view of the airfield at Tibenham - Credit: Norfolk Gliding Club

"Being able to look at these events from a historical perspective helps to see if there is any historical validation to these experiences.

"It shows these investigations are not just doolally, there is a serious side."

As well as hoping to further uncover paranormal activity at the site, the event on Saturday, July 16, also hopes to raise money for the Norfolk Gliding Club.

Tickets are £30 and the event begins at 8.30pm. 

Investigations will continue until 3am and visitors have the option to stay overnight in a tent or caravan. 

You can find more information and tickets at