Wymondham Players perform Ayckbourn classic

Wymondham Players present Communicating Doors by Alan Ayckbourn, a comedy thriller set in a hotel in a futuristic London in civil war in 2030. A dying, elderly businessman summons a prostitute for nothing more than to get her to witness his confession to murdering his former wives. However, the confession implicates others, one of whom discovers her knowledge of the confession, and he tries to kill her. She escapes through the communicating door which should be locked, but, on the occasion of Poupay Dayseer's visit to the five-star Regal Hotel, London, it is not. But who or what has unlocked it? Once she has passed through,the door on the other side leads to somewhere completely unimaginable.

Ayckbourn described the play as 'not dissimilar to something Hitchcock might have put on stage'. The ending is poignant and thought provoking.

Communicating Doors runs until Saturday, November 19, at 7.45pm at Wymondham Central Hall. Tickets are available online at www.wymondhamplayers.org.uk, at Geo Reeves, Market Street, Wymondham, or the box office, 01953 601198.